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  • #1 ZOOCCHINI Hooded Towel

    The BEST quality on the market for an AMAZING price! I bought a hooded towel from the Container Store and after one wash it had holes. I've washed the ZOOCCHINI one dozens of times and still looks brand new!

  • #2 ZOOCCHINI Pre-K / Kindergarten Backpack

  • #3 ZOOCCHINI Potty Training Underwear

  • #4 ZizzyBee Bags

    I've used these for years and LOVE them! We use them to pack our toddler snacks and use them when traveling. We keep our sunscreen and sunglasses in one for our beach bag, too!

  • #5 ND Designs Leak-Proof, Full-Coverage, Luxe Baby Bibs and Mom Covers

    Finally, the burp cloth reinvented! You will LOVE the baby and mom covers from ND Designs. Full-coverage, leak-proof (a whole glass of water won't leak through), and mom wears the cover like a bib so it won't fall off like a traditional burp cloth. Genius. Modern designs too.

  • #6 Minbie Bottle Nipple + Bottle - AMAZING

    Getting baby to latch properly is not easy and nipple confusion can really put a damper on feeding baby... UNTIL NOW! The Minbie Nipple solves this problem and is designed just like a real nipple to avoid nipple confusion and helps baby with the proper latch. Anti-reflux and anti-colic aids in digestion - this is music to my ears; my baby spit up A LOT all the time. He lived in a bib. They have different flows for different aged babies.

  • #7 Baby Plaque Keepsake - So Cool!

    Giving birth is a life-changing, amazing accomplishment and this keepsake is the perfect way to commemorate your feat! These handmade plaques have personalized info about your baby's birth: baby’s name, date/time of birth, hospital, place of birth, weight, and measurements. It even comes with an optional genuine Swarovski® crystal birthstone!

  • #8 SongsWithMyName Personalized Music Albums

    These music albums (digital or CD) are amazing! Favorite characters like Disney Princesses, Elmo & Friends, Mickey & Friends and more sing songs with your child's name in the songs over and over again. Singing and dancing makes kids smarter, more social and more confident. Awesome for car rides!

  • #9 Belibea Hands-Free Nursing and Pumping Bras

    Pumping hands-free - a must have! Even if you are not breastfeeding, we would love for you to review this product.

  • #10 3-in-1 Maternity, Birthing and Nursing Gown by Dressed to Deliver (The Hospital Gown Re-imagined!)

    These are AMAZING! Dressed to Deliver gowns are made from luxurious bamboo fabric that is breathable, anti-microbial, easy to wash, and remarkably soft! Its empire waist allows comfort for your beautiful expanding belly. The features are awesome: the middle opens up for easy fetal monitoring, skin to skin access and the straps come off (bamboo is soft and gentle for baby's sensitive skin), epidural and IV access, and easy breastfeeding access.

  • #11 Jangala Book - A MUST READ for parents and kids for back to school season

    This book and its illustrations are beautiful. Parents learn a warm and caring environment that motivates children to perform at their best and kids learn about living peacefully through non-violence and standing up for one another while embracing diversity. You and your kids will love this book!

    The Jangala story teaches kids three rules:

    1. No! No! No! to bad choices and bad behavior.
    2. Yes! Yes! Yes! to good choices and good behavior. Yes to finding greatness.
    3. We follow the rules. Time outs or consequences come when we break the rules.