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The try all and see what sticks marketing methods result in wasted time, resources, and money.  You work too hard to not invest EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR wisely.  Boost Marketing™ is one of the best ways to increase ROI throughout the year using very focused and strategic marketing/PR/sales tactics that have worked time and time again.

Over six years and working with over 100 baby and kids brands, we have continuously helped brands generate leads and convert sales (consumer and retail) with big results using targeted, smart, affordable, and creative marketing campaigns.  Since Boost Marketing™ has worked so well for our clients, we now offer these unique concepts as “boost” services!

All of our current boost services are below and check back often as we will continually keep adding more!  Some are even FREE.

P.S. We welcome working with your current PR and Marketing team 🙂


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Tradeshows are expensive and your time and money are both too valuable to have sub-par results! Sign up for Tradeshow Boost™ (limited spots available) to increase your results at ABC Kids Expo, AmericasMart, NY NOW, and other shows.

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Catalog Boost is a service that creates a unique, custom-designed catalog for your product line. Send to retailers, distributors, and customers to beautifully show off your line. We’ll even create a printable version and an online flipbook that you can link to (on your own website).

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Leveraging the audiences of bloggers is one of the fastest ways to gain sales and exposure. One of our clients turned $700 into a million in sales by following this blogger system.  By having bloggers write reviews of your product, you’ll drive their traffic to your website. All you have to do is provide a sample.

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Launching a brand new business or a new product? Congrats!  What an exciting time!  Many product launches result in sub par results and a lot of money spent. Erase the doubt in your next product launch!  Limited spots available.

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151 million shoppers shop online for Black Friday and Cyber Monday… Will you maximize this opportunity this year? Make sure you secure holiday sales early in the season with Black Friday Boost(TM)!

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Get Your FREE Competitive Media Report valued at $1500!  Before you spend another advertising dollar (magazines, TV, radio, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and more), know where your competitors are advertising!  The free report will show you where your competitors put most of their media buying dollars AND will identify gaps in media where you should be advertising. Aside from your free report, partner with us on all your media buying to get 60-80% OFF and NEVER PAY A FEE TO US.

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Looking for a new, unique way to make your brand stand out? Birthday Boost(TM) is the answer! Make your fans feel special with an invite to your brand’s birthday party! Whether you are a new company or a seasoned one, celebrating your brand’s birthday is very beneficial.

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Our ALL IN ONE monthly service is one of the best-kept, golden secrets in the baby & kids business world.  The ALL IN ONE Boost is equivalent to you hiring FOUR departments in your company or outsourcing to FOUR expert companies (but without the huge costs). Now you can have ALL your marketing and PR needs met in ONE all-inclusive, affordable service. Click to be wowed.

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