Sign up for the 2018 Gift Gala Giveaway hosted by Robin8!

The Gift Gala is to celebrate the launch of the new Robin8 Global App where companies like you upload content campaigns and thousands of moms and influencers share on social media AND the best part…get paid for generating clicks from their share!!

We call it Reverse Advertising…

Media giants like Facebook and Google get paid millions from advertisers when us consumers are the ones clicking on ads. Robin8 believes that those who share should be the ones earning money!

So moms and influencers share a campaign in the Robin8 app and get paid every time someone clicks from their share!

Gift Gala Perks for your Brand:

  • 1 FREE Robin8 Campaign – see how it works!
  • No COST to sign up.
  • Minimal time required – we will send Gift Gala Giveaway social share posts for easy copy and paste.
  • Holiday Exposure for your Product (shared with 100k moms, boosted Facebook post, shared by dozens of bloggers, and more)
  • Receive the email list once the giveaway is over

What You Do:

  • Share on social media 2x minimum on Facebook and 1x on Instagram.
  • Dropship one prize item to the winner once over.
  • That’s it!

Please sign up by 10/30/18 via the form below.

  • Drop files here or
  • Please hit submit below - thank you for signing up for the Gift Gala hosted by Robin8!