Swanling Giveaway BRANDS

Swanling Innovations is hosting a big giveaway for ABC store buyers and retailers called the Swanling Swag-a-Way! One lucky winner will be receiving…you guessed it, tons of cool swag for their store!

We reached out to our favorite fellow exhibitors to ask if you want to participate. Here is why you should sign up:

  • Fun value offering for booth visitors while exhibiting at ABC
  • We will email 3,000+ baby and kids stores/buyers your info and booth number prior to the expo in a special email campaign telling stores about the Swag-a-Way.
  • You will receive all the entry emails once over.
  • NO FEE!

This giveaway is open to all brands who have products for babies, kids, moms, and dads – anyone can sign up!

Deadline to sign up is by Wednesday, October 7th – fill out the form at the bottom of the page to sign up!

Benefits for Brands Who Sign Up:

Huge Exposure – in addition to all participating brands promoting the giveaway, we have partnered with high traffic mommy blogs and media outlets which will also promote the giveaway!

Promotional Post Card – all brands will be given a promotional postcard about the giveaway to hand out at their booth. Your logo will be included on the card.

Email to 3,000+ baby and kids stores and buyers – we will create and send an email to baby and kids stores and buyers showcasing all the brands with their booth number inviting them to stop by while at the show. We will include the entry for the giveaway as well so they can enter ahead of time.

Post-Giveaway Email Promotion – you will receive the names and emails of everyone who enters to send one thank you email once the giveaway is over. We encourage you to give an exclusive offer as well to help you generate more sales.

Minimal Work – we will design and print the post card; all you do is hand out or leave at your booth for people to pick up!  We will do all the rest!

No fee – there is no fee to participate. You only have to giveaway ONE product which is drop shipped to the winner. There will be one winner that receives all prizes. You are more than welcome to give a gift basket with more than one product.

Special Raffle for All Participating Brands– all brands will be automatically entered in a special giveaway to thank you for participating. One winner will receive a FREE press release by our PR gal, Tasha Mayberry.

Free Marketing eBooks – all brands and sponsors will also receive three special eBooks: “10 Ways to Advertise for FREE,” “Marketing 1, 2, 3!  Secrets to Successful Marketing in the New Digital Era,” and “10 Secrets to Successful PR”

Please fill out the form below to enter and email both Tasha Mayberry at tasha@socialmedia22.com and Giselle Diaz at giselle@socialmedia22.com with any questions. Thank you!

  • Once you submit the form we will send your info to Baby2Body and Matthew will send you next steps. Please email matthew@socialmedia22.com with any questions. Thank you!