We have a special opportunity for bloggers…

Our clients are frustrated with Facebook because they have to “pay to play” in order for fans to see their posts and get new likes. So, we came up with a strategy to increase their Facebook likes and fan engagement called the Win it Wednesday Viral Loop.

It’s working amazingly!  We are averaging 500 new likes per Win it Wednesday and 1k emails per loop – multiple this by 4 and 4 again (the loop strategy we created), the results are even better!

The opportunity for you…

Each giveaway will have ONE blogger sponsor which means you get the same awesome results!  And we also pay you money to boost on your Facebook page = even more results for you!  (We have sponsor spots for four bloggers per loop group/ per week)

Benefits to your Blog:

  • Individualized promotion for your blog  – ONLY one blogger per giveaway!  (four bloggers per loop since there are 4 giveaways in each loop group but you only are assigned to one giveaway and share only that one giveaway)
  • Blog traffic – all the brands in your giveaway group will send people to your blog to enter the giveaway!  This creates blog traffic for you. We provide you with easy copy and paste html for the entry page so it requires very little of your  time.
  • More Facebook Likes!  We will ask entrants to like your page on the entry page.
  • More Instagram Followers!  We will also ask entrants to follow you.
  • Receive the big email list once over – we average 1k emails a week per giveaway.
  • We pay for and add a $100 CASH prize to the giveaway – this increases results by 3x.
  • We pay you to boost on your Facebook page!  $25 per giveaway you sign up for.
  • Ongoing amazing results! You may sign up for one giveaway (which means you share 1x on the specified Wednesday) OR you can sign up to do more than one and keep getting these results each and every week!)
  • NO COST to sign up.

  • Get hundreds* of fan likes and comments on your Win it Wednesday share post which means Facebook will show more fans your posts overall. (*Average results are around 200 – 300 likes and comments on the post but could be more – it all depends on the total number of fans you have.)
  • Only 5 minutes of your time!  We will send ONE share post for Facebook only — copy and paste and boost in minutes. And then you are done!  (If you can send it to your subscribers via email that would be awesome but not required and you may share on other social profiles if you choose.)

Please sign up below and the first one starts tomorrow so it’s first come first serve and we have these every week for the next six weeks and beyond. You will receive today