Do you remember the glory days of Facebook marketing where many of your fans actually saw your content for free and there was no such thing as a “boosted” post?

Today, things are very different…

Many of the baby and kids brands we work with are frustrated with being forced into a “pay to play” with Facebook and even after boosting posts and paying for ads – results are mediocre at best.

We have been using a simple, yet powerful strategy to drastically increase Facebook likes and fan engagement…plus more.

**Only takes 5 minutes of your social media manager’s time per month.**

It’s called a Win it Wednesday Viral Loop – but it is very different than the usual loops you may be used to. It’s much easier for entrants.

Brands are averaging 300 to 500 new likes a week and collecting 1000 emails for each Win it Wednesday Giveaway. Multiple this by 4 and 4 again – these are some awesome monthly results — let me explain…

Here’s how it works (I know you are busy…this will be worth reading!):

  • You + four other brands are paired together to create a weekly Win it Wednesday. We swap out the four other brands each week so the prizes are new.
  • Every Wednesday you post your WIW giveaway 1x on Facebook – no need to post at the exact same time because our loop is different and easier.
  • Important:  Even though you are grouped in prize packs of five and only share ONE Win it Wednesday Giveaway each week, you are actually part of a bigger loop group of 20 brands. So each week there are actually four different Win it Wednesday giveaways being shared in total (but you share only 1 per week). When entrants go to the entry page they will like all 20 brands from your loop group to have a chance to win one of four prize packs. We have easy click like buttons for Facebook and follow buttons for Instagram so they like/follow right from the entry page!
  • You only share on Facebook, but get Instagram followers too!
  • You give away 1 prize per week to one winner.
  • A $100 Amazon Gift Card (or $100 Cash Prize) is added to every Weekly Win it Wednesday Giveaway (adding a cash prize or gift card increases the results by 2-3+ times!) – WE PAY FOR THIS FROM THE LOOP FUNDS
  • WE also pay to boost every Win it Wednesday Giveaway for a total of $400 each month on various blogger Facebook pages that have a high number of fans. Brands in the loop get hundreds of likes and comments on average without having to boost their Win it Wednesday posts!
  • We provide easy to copy share posts. Pre-scheduling four Facebook posts a month takes only minutes to do. FIVE MINUTES A MONTH.
  • At the end of each week, you receive the winner’s info and the email list. You can then email a special deal code as a thank you (to drive sales) and ask them to check back next Wednesday for another chance.
  • Here’s how people will enter the Win it Wednesday Giveaway:

“STEP 1: LIKE or COMMENT on this post (TAG A FRIEND if you want, too!)
STEP 2:  MAKE SURE TO COMPLETE your entry via the link in the comments and see 15 more amazing gifts you could win!”

Here’s why this unique loop strategy is so magical…

  1. First, it’s MUCH easier for entrants. They like and follow the 20 brands in your loop group right from the entry page with a click of a button and they never have to leave the giveaway page.
  2. Next, each giveaway gets 4x the results! There are 4 sets of giveaways running each week all using the same entry form, but remember, you only share one giveaway a week.
  3. Entrants will submit their name and email so you grow a massive email list.
  4. Once people enter, they get a secret reward if they get two friends to enter through their referral link.
  5. Below the reward message are easy click social and email share buttons so they can share within a click of a button.
  6. So the power behind this is for every entrant, they are motivated to share with friends, and then those friends who enter get their friends to enter – so it grows like a web to go viral. See recent examples at the bottom of this page.
  7. And the cherry on top…having bloggers boost and promote on their Facebook pages with a lot of fans.

Benefit to you…more exposure, more likes, and more emails!

Results we are seeing:

  • Average results:
    • 300 – 500 likes/week
    • 1000 emails/week

    …and if you magnify this by the loop strategy we use, the average is

    • 4,800 – 8,000 new likes/month
    • 16k emails/month.

    Conservatively based on past results, brands should get at least:

    • 2000 new likes/month
    • 4k emails/month.


  • Another cool part – brands who post a Win it Wednesday consistently every single week, continue to get more and more likes, engagement and emails each week because fans start to expect these and will proactively go to your page to…
  • These highly engaged Win it Wednesday posts will trigger Facebook to show more fans your posts.

So, are you ready to reclaim amazing Facebook results without spending hundreds of dollars for only 5 minutes a month?


$25 per loop ($100 a month and any month that has a 5th Wednesday is free!)

*The loop funds go towards paying for the $100 cash prize per Win it Wed giveaway and $400 in boosted blogger FB posts.*

  • Drop files here or


Here are two recent examples:

Example #1

300 new likes and nearly 1100 emails in one week. 1900 social media shares.


Example #2

Over 300-400 new likes in a few days times – but this example did not include the $100 Cash Prize, $400 blogger boost, and loop strategy elements – with these we would see 2-3x the results.