You’re invited to be part of a very special celebration! For almost a decade I’ve worked with amazing baby & kids brands on the PR & marketing side, and now have ventured over to the other side…

I invented a baby product!

I’m so excited and the product is awesome. It solves a problem every parent experiences and it doesn’t compete with any other products because it’s so different.

We are launching on Kickstarter on February 14, 2018, which is my lucky 7 wedding anniversary and Valentine’s Day.

Here’s how the 100 Brand Bash Works:

  • We have partnered with 100 top kids brands and will host 30 days of giveaways to coincide with our 30 day Kickstarter campaign.
  • Each day will offer a different giveaway with 3-4 products per day.
  • We will thank and tag a sponsor or two at a time in these daily giveaway posts and ask fans to follow/like your page as a way to enter.
  • We will give you the html/embed code for the entry page so you can put it on your website – this means you drive all the traffic to your blog!  You will then have a huge spike in traffic stats 🙂
  • You will receive the email list from ALL 30 Giveaways!
  • YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SHARE EVERY DAY – it’s only 2x on Facebook (once on launch day and once before the campaign ends) and 1x on Instagram.
  • Minimal work from your end: we provide post copy and graphic for sharing in seconds.
  • An email blast to your list is much appreciated – we provide copy and graphic for this too. This is optional but over 100 brands will be emailing their lists so if the sponsors can too this will be awesome all around!
  • We will thank you on our Kickstarter page, too!