We have built a niche working with women/mom/dad entrepreneurs and small business owners. Over 100 word-of-mouth referrals! The majority of our clients are baby/kids/family related; however, we have worked with numerous other company types such as financial, insurance, beauty, jewelry, solar, law firms, personal chefs, real estate, vacation homes, mobile apps, restaurants, and more. Our strategies are always custom to the brands we work with, but the underlying marketing and PR principles remain the same so we welcome all companies to contact us.

To see if we are a good fit for your brand, request our free website review and receive an Opportunities Report outlining ideas to help your business.

I’ve worked in the corporate/financial world as a Vice President of Marketing and PR with great success, but our passion lies with helping start-ups, entrepreneurs and small businesses. Today, it is possible for the small pizzeria around the corner to have the same marketing and business opportunities than the most popular pizzeria nearby.

Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for years, we can help you:

  • Create a recognizable brand.
  • Have a strong online web presence and build brand credibility.
  • Be visible on major search engines.
  • Drive traffic to your website.
  • Improve customer relations.
  • Reach your target market.
  • Generate quality leads and convert to customers.
  • Increase your ROI and sales.
  • Position you as a go-to expert.
  • Be featured in the press over and over again.

Are you a start-up company?  Congratulations on your new business venture! We love working with start-up companies. Right now is the most thrilling and testing time of your business.  Social Media 22 wants to be your resource to help you shape and mold your company. With any of our services we offer free marketing and branding consulting that would normally cost quite a bit of money. We like to call this “pre-work.” This important pre-work must be done first before any social media, SEO, or even web development. All of your marketing is based off answers to the following questions:

  • What is your mission statement?
  • What is your vision statement?
  • What are your company’s core values?
  • Who is your target audience? Define each target audience and build a profile for them.
  • What is your unique selling proposition (USP)?

Do you have an e-commerce websites / online store? – E-commerce companies are another favorite niche of ours. All of the services we offer can bring you more business and sales in your store. We have direct experience working with online stores direct-to-consumer as well as retailer sales and would love the opportunity to show you the benefits first hand. With an online store, you more than likely have numerous competitors online, so implementing social media, SEO, an effective website with landing pages, call to actions and more along with other marketing strategies is a must in order to make your business stand out. Are you continuously driving people into your buying process? Where are people clicking on your website? What is working? What page are they exiting the website from? These are all crucial analytics to ensure that your online store is bringing in the most revenue.  Social Media 22 can help!