Social Media 22 has earned the esteemed reputation of being the leading, influential baby/kids marketing PR and web design firm with it’s co-founder, Tasha Mayberry (that’s me!), as the top brand strategist and guru for baby and kids brands as well as mom/dad owned businesses. We’ve been the busy bees in the background of major brands that went from start-ups to multi-million dollar companies.

Our company was started by husband and wife team, Tasha and Pasha (yes, our names rhyme; well actually, Pasha is my husband’s nickname for Pavel).  Now as parents ourselves, we love working with mom and dad inventors/business owners even more – which make up 99% of our client base.

We built our business from the ground up turning a dream into reality… and very quickly too! Our first year we made six figures all from referred business – a true testament to our work quality and results. I still remember my husband and I working nearly back to back with our desks so close together in our ONE ROOM studio apartment.  We never once dreaded the 60+ hour work weeks and being in such close quarters because we LOVE what we do and have a true passion for helping businesses succeed.

We have worked with hundreds of companies and they love our work ethic, quality of work, creativity, and understanding that everything we do is to help the bottom line. Yes, the typical PR firm will ask for thousands of dollars a month (yikes!) and say that it’s for exposure, but at the end of the day making sales is most important, right?  So we deliver results that help generate leads and sales while building brand exposure. This is what sets us apart. Real ROI. You work too hard and every dollar counts.

Clients also love our expertise across the board. Successful marketing doesn’t stop with a great website, or a great service or product, or just doing PR, or being on social media. True success comes when a company strategically connects their Marketing Web™  and uses proven strategies to send the right message, build brand awareness and an organic following, generate leads, and close sales.

SM22 specializes in custom website development (WordPress and Ecommerce), branding, social media marketing, PR, content marketing, graphic design, search engine optimization (SEO), and more. Clients love having all their needs under one roofefficient and cost-effective. Plus, we are like an extension of your team. When working with us, we have a philosophy here that we treat your business as if it was our own business. With this type of mindset, results come easy!

Still to this day, six years later, most new business comes from referrals which is the best compliment for us. We are so grateful to have talent that makes such a difference in the lives of hard-working business owners and are grateful for our clients who continually believe in us. Our longest client has been with us six years which is almost unheard of in our type of business. Lucky? Nah. Our work is just that awesome!

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