We believe so much in mom and dad business owners and even if we are the busy bees in the background of multi-million dollar brands, we wake up every day knowing we are truly changing the lives of hardworking moms and dads. This alone is so rewarding.

We don’t add clients to our roster based on how much they will pay us. We work with brands who truly offer amazing products/services and are making a difference. By keeping pricing low and overachieving on results, in turn clients work with us for years.

We have a unique advantage working with mom and dad business owners because of our vast network of:

  • successful brands to cross promote with,
  • influential bloggers and press
  • consumers, and
  • retailers.

We have spent years building strong relationships. As a client, you instantly have access to our network to help build brand credibility quickly.

Our unique all-in-one approach, unsurpassed creativity, proven sales strategies, branding expertise, relentless work ethic, and superior quality of work and service, sets us apart from any other firm.

We are so confident in our results, we have no long term contracts and work month to month!  Best part is we are affordable. Our longest client has been with us for SIX YEARS – we are so grateful to work with such amazing brands that continue to support us.

Have a chat with us – we would love to get acquainted, and request your free review and brand scorecard here.

Here’s a recap…So why work with us?

  • Parent-owned and operated business (below is our then 10 month old baby boy, my husband and me – our son turns one on April 8, 2017!)
  • All your needs are met under ONE roof = efficient and cost-effective
  • We handle EVERYTHING in-house: graphic design, marketing, PR, copy writing, websites, SEO…you name it, we do it…AND we are experts
  • We have helped brands become million dollar companies – See our CASE STUDIES
  • We are well connected; we have built meaningful relationships with bloggers, press, consumers, retailers and other influencers on a vast scale.
  • Worked with over 200 brands via word-of-mouth referrals
  • Clients stay with us for years – our longest client is 6 years and running (almost unheard of in the PR/Marketing world)
  • Results driven; get ROI every single month
  • Custom strategies just for your brand – no cookie-cutter work!
  • Smartest way to invest your hard-earned dollars
  • Reasonable and fair pricing (this is one major feature that sets us apart)
  • Month to month with no long term commitments
  • We LOVE LOVE LOVE what we do; our team does not clock out at 5PM and stop caring about your brand; we are in it as if we own the business ourselves and care deeply about every brand we work with.

Have a chat with us – we would love to get acquainted, and request your free review and brand scorecard here.