pasha and tashaThank you for visiting our website to learn more! We are a family-owned web design, online marketing and public relations agency. When I met my husband, Pavel or Pasha for short, over five years ago and learned he went to college and graduate school for web design and development, I immediately thought that with my expertise in marketing and PR we should join forces! And we did just that.

My husband and I hold a special bond and are best friends. We make an amazing team as a family and as business owners; I’m so grateful to be able to work together.

After four years in business we have grown to a team of six and have worked with over 400 brands mostly through word-of-mouth referrals, which is a testament to the quality of work and results we deliver.

Aside from being results driven and always going above and beyond for our clients, we are known for our fair and reasonable pricing. When we first started the company, I wanted to level the playing field between the big brand monsters and the smaller start-ups and to do this, affordable price points are key.

I grew up in the lovely state of Maine and now reside in Connecticut. I had a great upbringing as a child and was shown through my amazing mother’s actions exactly what hard work and good worth ethic means. Additional values such as selflessness, gratitude, doing good even when no one is looking, truly wanting to help people, generosity, and kindness, were instilled in me growing up and are now the foundation of our company.

We built our business on integrity and passion for helping entrepreneurs and businesses succeed. We are grateful for each day we are able to work and do what we love. I can work 12+ hour days and still love every second, which brings me great joy.

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