Thank you for becoming an affiliate of the Best in Baby Biz (& Kids) Spring Magazine (BIBB Magazine)!  Here are some important step-by-step instructions. When you are logged in to the affiliate area you will see your affiliate link.

If you received this page’s link from me than you are already signed up as an affiliate. If you are not, please sign up here.

First some housekeeping notes followed by 3 simple next steps (numbered in the order to complete):

Questions – How to Contact Us

If you have any questions with the below (please read entire page), we can help!  We tried to make this as easy as possible for  you 🙂 Make sure to add and me,, on all emails.

Logging In and Accessing Your Affiliate Page

WordPress will send you an automatic email once you sign up.  This email will contain your username and password.  Copy the password and remember your username, then go to to log in. (If you are already logged in, your affiliate link and totals will be showing).

How to change your password: once logged in, you can change your password to something easier – if you want.  Just hover mouse over the upper left “Social Media 22” text and click on “Dashboard”. At the top there should be a message.  Choose the option on the left. “Yes, take me to my profile page.”




If you cannot login:  if the login you try on the affiliate area page is incorrect, you will be directed to a page that looks like the below.  Click the “lost your password” to recover and create a new password.

reset password

Payment – When and How You Receive Commissions

We will check daily for sales and send your commission immediately as you make referrals. We will likely batch them out at the end of the day in one transaction.  We will need your Pay Pal email.  Please email to and

Three Steps to Start Earning Money!

Step 1:  Know Your Correct Affiliate Link

In any email, blog or social media post you send out, make sure to ALWAYS link to the sign up page using YOUR AFFILIATE LINK.

When logged into the affiliate area page here, you will see your personalized affiliate link.

Step 2:  Send an Email to all Baby & Kids Brands You Know

Here is email copy to send – Word doc  or click here to view a web page with the copy. Email to any and all baby & kids brands you know.  Take note of the TWO PLACES where you link to the sign up page with your affiliate link.

Please note that our current clients will already be included in the magazine.  Additionally, there are no duplicate referrals (which there should not be anyway because the $50 or $100 is added to your totals when the checkout process is complete – each brand will only sign up once, but wanted to just note this).

We suggest that you attach the following graphics to the email or embed them if using something like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc.:

Banner #1: What You Receive Graphic

Link to graphic (or you can save and create your own link):

Banner #2 – Sign up by March 15th

Link to graphic (or you can save and create your own link):


Step 3:  Share on Social Media and Add Button to Your Website

Click here for pre-written posts with graphics (Facebook and Twitter).  These are just suggestions.  Change, tweak, add your voice, BUT ALWAYS add your affiliate link.

Here is the graphic:


Here is the button to add to your website – MAKE SURE to link using your AFFILIATE LINK:


Thank you, all!  Please let us know if you have questions. Add and add me,, on all emails.