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  • Baby K'Tan Wrap (Requires No Wrapping!)

    As a mom when I hear the words baby wrap, I think complicated, but Baby K’tan is SO DIFFERENT. It’s a wrap that doesn’t require any wrapping! It’s our go-to travel baby carrier because:

    • EASY TO USE - Slip it on like a t-shirt and in 3 easy steps, baby is secure
    • Saves Space - 3 products in ONE (sling, wrap and baby carrier)
    • No Bulk – easily fits in the diaper bag or even a hand bag!
    • No Adjusting Any Rings – when traveling you need something quick to use at a moment’s notice.
    • On-the-Go Swaddle - Baby can sleep soundly even while traveling
    • Comfort for Baby - 5 ergonomic positions + evenly distributes weight

  • #2 Woolino Sleep Bags - for babies 2 months to 2 years and toddlers 2 years to 4 years - YOU WILL FALL IN LOVE!!

    As a mom I always worried if my son was too hot or too cold in his sleep sack. When I found the Woolino sleep bag I was blown away and have used it ever since.

    • 100% natural, renewable, sustainable, and biodegradeable fiber: merino wool.
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Exceptionally breathable - regulates baby’s body temperature even in the summer.
    • Saves money -- universal size! Wear from 2 months to 2 years old! (they have a toddler one for age 2-4 years old)
    • Reduces the risk of overheating (a risk factor of SIDS)
    • Naturally fire resistant
    • Retains warmth even when wet
    • The highest quality sleep bag I have ever seen/touched.

  • #3 Furniture Corner Cushion by KidKusion

  • #4 Little Twig 2-in-1 Bath Wash

    Little Twig was the first company to create a non-toxic bath wash and shampoo for babies - they have 500k FB fans! I LOVE this product and it's YUMMY, gentle scent. My baby's skin is SO soft and his dry skin patches cleared right up!

  • #5 Extra Wide Gummi Crib Rail Cover by KidKusion

    KidKusion has a GENIUS product to cover the crib rails discreetly. The Gummi Crib Rail Cover protects baby from ingesting toxins and helps soothe your baby's tender gums.

  • #6 Genesis 950 - The Most Amazing Eco Cleaner!

    This cleaner is unbelievable! It removes pet stains and odors but can be used to clean the entire house.

  • #7 Udderly Hot Mama - Feel Beautiful while nursing - tanks, tunics and dresses

  • #8 Piggy Paint Eco Nail Polish

    While painting her young daughters' nails, Melanie noticed the nail polish she was using ate a hole right through the Styrofoam plate she was using to paint over...she thought, "What are these toxins doing to my kids who put their fingers in their mouths?!" So she invented Piggy Paint and it's awesome!

  • #9 Green Tones Instruments for Kids - Babies, Toddlers and Older - ECO and Safe

    Music offers kids SO MANY amazing benefits - it's a must to include in their routines. Skip the toxic plastic instruments and choose Green Tones! They have instruments for babies, 24 months and age 3+. Their beginning drum set it ADORABLE and Award-Winning!