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Deadlines to Sign Up:

  1. SafeSleep Kickstarter Giveaway – (Huge Kickstarter – launching early January – sign up by 12/31)
  2. Dristee & Friends – sign up by 12/24 (this is another huge Kickstarter)
  3. New Year’s Bash by Bubi Eco Bottle – Promoting the coolest inventions for baby, kids, pets, mom and dad! (Receive a FREE foldable BUBI eco water bottle!) – deadline is 12/26
  4. Luxe Baby Gift Guide (hosted by Woombie and Rosie Pope) – deadline to sign up by 12/31 (launching in January)
  5. 100 Brand Bash – My totally new and unique baby invention will be on Kickstarter soon and we partnered with 100 kids brands to party!  Please join us and thank you so much for your support 🙂 – deadline to sign up is 12/31
  6. Fittedtot Launch Party – they work with a ton of amazing kids fashion brands – deadline is 12/31