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The key to most marketing & sales roadblocks is your BRANDING! 

Poor branding or branding with gaps is like going to a wedding with your PJs on and messy hair!

And we are not just talking about having a nice logo – branding goes much deeper than this.

As a baby & kids brand strategist with almost a decade of success, I want to share my knowledge with you…and for free!

Just sign up below and we will review your entire website and brand then send you your custom Brand Scorecard with insights you would only receive if you paid a consultant lots of moolah for.

A second, fresh set of eyes is always a good thing even if you already have good sales.

Why listen to us?

We’ve worked with hundreds of baby and kids brands helping mom and dad inventors go from start-ups to multi-million dollar companies and helping already successful brands break through to the next level to sell their business, make a licensing deal, or continue expanding to become major global brands.

Next Steps:

Please complete the simple form below to see how your company scores – and most importantly see what gaps you have and how to fix them.

By simply tweaking and fixing branding gaps, brands have seen a HUGE difference resulting in:

  • More sales
  • More engaged social media followers
  • Better tradeshow results
  • Ability to surpass the competition
  • A stronger marketing message that resonates with your audience and gets them to take action (share and buy)
  • Abundant lead generation
  • Having a positive online presence

What We Score You On:

We score you on the following five areas and this full-scope branding strategy is so powerful that we have seen new brands quickly surpass competition that have been around for years:

free website review how to market baby and kids products