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Cutie Bees is hosting the A Bodysuit-A-Day Giveaway (click to check it out!) to offer a prize to 1 new winner each day for eco-conscious parents!  Cutie Bees is looking to partner with bloggers offering some great benefits (more below)!

This is an excellent way to promote your blog or media outlet  – and get a ton of new social media followers, website traffic, and more!  There is no fee to sponsor.  All we ask is that you help spread the word by posting it on your website and social media sites. We even provide you with all the content and graphics so sharing is easy and quick in seconds!

Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to sign up!

Here are the benefits to your blog or media outlet:

Huge Exposure – we will place your logo, description, and link on our entry page which we will promote throughout the giveaway (social media, Cutie Bees website, email newsletters, etc.). So this means thousands of people will see your blog.

Increased Website Traffic – by adding your link to our entry page, people will be encouraged to click through to your blog to find out more.

Press Release Featuring All Sponsors – we will create and send a press release to thousands of lifestyle/parenting/mom/women’s interest/retail and more media contacts!

Minimal Work – we will send suggested Facebook posts and graphics so all you do is copy and paste and help promote once in a while. Also, we will send the html code for the entry page so you can easily post on your blog. We will do the rest!

No Fee – there is no fee to participate. You only have to post the giveaway on your blog (we will send you html code for easy copy and paste) and post 4x over the course of the month to help spread the word.

Special Raffle for All Participating Sponsors – all brands and sponsors will be automatically entered in a special giveaway to thank you for participating. One winner will receive a FREE press release by Social Media 22.

Free Marketing eBooks – all brands and sponsors will also receive three special eBooks: “10 Website Mistakes to Avoid,” “Marketing 1, 2, 3!  Secrets to Successful Marketing in the New Digital Era,” and “10 Secrets to Successful PR”

Please fill out the form below to enter and email both Tasha Mayberry at tasha@socialmedia22.com and Giselle Diaz at giselle@socialmedia22.com with any questions. Thank you!